Coolon Polo t-shirt, short sleeve t-shirt, navy t-shirt polo plain shirt.

Coolon Polo t-shirt, short sleeve navy t-shirt polo Plain shirt.

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This Polo t-shirt short sleeve Navy t-shirt Comfortable T-Shirt polo Plain shirt.



This Polo t-shirt by bcpolo short sleeve Pullover T-shirt that makes for your style


What is Coolon?

Enjoy the innovative performance of coolon.

Coolon is always with you to refresh your life

the cross section of coolon is specially designed for your comfortable life

while you enjoy your activities coolon evaporates your sweat rapidly

faster mosisture absorpition / Quick dryness / Unique brightness / Soft touch

Drying rate[30min after washing]



Material : Collon 90% Poly 10%

soft collon ribbed jersey

Front breast pocket

Polo t-shirt two buttons style

Sleeve Length : short Sleeve

Color : Navy

Size : S~3XL

Imported, Machine Wash

Made in Korea 

Coolon Polo shirt short sleeve style Polo shirt collar navy color for your style

It is 100% interchangeable. Bad sewing line Vs. other inexplicable to the problem

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